This is the BETA version of the webwallet. The design will change completely and will be mobile friendly in the finished version.

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How to sync the desktop wallet and the webwallet?

We strongly recommend keeping both desktop wallets and webwallets separate for security reasons.

You can import the private key of the webwallet into the desktop wallet to access your funds within the webwallet from your desktop wallet.

You can also login to your webwallet using the your private key of your desktop wallet. If you do this, the webwallet will start monitoring your desktop wallet account from this moment on. However, the webwallet will not show older transactions or older balances, because it will not rescan the blockchain.

To sync the desktop wallet and the webwallet, simply send all your coins to yourself after the first login. Then both wallets will be synced forever.

How secure is the webwallet?

The webwallet will never store your private keys on our server. You are always in possession of your private keys. However, when you login with your private key, your browser will send the private key to our server where it is then used temporarily.

Our server will forget your private keys as soon as you logout. However the potential risk that our server may be hacked is always there.